Car with driver service and possibility of having a tourist guide 

You will catch a glimpse of a city, dominant on the side of a rocky hill. Genoa, magnificent for its population and its walls. The appearance itself proclaims this city the Lady of the Seas…(Francesco Petrarca)

To those who are curious and willing to see not only with their eyes but also with their heart, Genoa offers its mysterious treasures. The magnificent Genoa is the capital of the Italian Region Liguria. A structured city, embedded between the hills and the rocks and in front of the sea which always smiles at it. The tangled vicoli, the famous alleys of the city, hide small squares, historic bars and restaurants and bakeries scented with the smell of focaccia (Genoa's traditional bread). The sumptuous and austere buildings dating back to the 16th centruy are the frame to this landscape. We are fully at your disposal with our chauffeur service to discover Genoa in every single spot. A great idea could be to embark on this special tour with a local tourist guide.



> The Cathedral of Saint Lawrence (Cattedrale di San Lorenzo)
> The Doge's Palace (Palazzo Ducale)
> Palazzi dei Rolli 
> Via Garibaldi

> Porto Antico(once port, now residential, service and tourist area)
> The walls and the historic aqueduct
> The mysterious vicoli and the old town
> The Aquarium


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