Car with driver service and possibility of having a tourist guide

Camogli preserves its ancient traditions in its tangled caruggi (typical narrow alleys) located behind the small tourist port.
Here you will find the wonderful and spectacular Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta, overlooking the sea.
Camogli is the town of the "thousend white sailing ships", represented in paintings, tapestry and on-board objects passed down from one local family to the other over 200 years.
Taking the boat you can reach from here the famous site of Punta Chiappa and the bay of San Fruttuoso di Capodimonte.
We are fully at your disposal with our chauffeur service to discover this small town in every single spot.
A great idea could be to embark on this special tour with a local tourist guide.


> Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta
> The town's promenade
> The tourist port with the historic lighthouse
> Punta Chiappa
> Basilica di San Fruttuoso


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